A Journal

More than anything else, this is to help myself. I truly believe people need to create. Without exercising that part, purpose starts to wain. I’m not the best but I’ve made significant steps toward who I want to be as a gamer and as a person. I’ll share everything I’ve done to get to where I am now.

Credit: Anthony Brolin @Unsplash

A Community

There is already a huge FPS gaming community but I can’t say for certain that there is a community dedicated to bettering each other in games and in life. I feel people are too focused on the wrong things which hinder their growth. This I’ve learned the hard way.

A Goal

My main goal is to build people around me. I believe when you build those around you, they’ll support you when you fall. My “hidden” agenda is this: have enough support so I can live with online income and just create content.

Wtf is dis?

Dis is me. A retelling of my life events and the steps I took to better myself along the way. Why I emphasize the philosophical aspect is because I believe that without the proper mindset, maximum growth will not happen. Skills/mechanics will take you far in gaming but the highest level pros all have one thing in common: they think about the game differently. The pros innovate by thinking of more possibilities within the game. How do you get to that level? You have to think like a pro. How do you think like a pro? You have to change the way you think. You have to be willing to put in the work. It starts here.

Credit: Sebastian Bednarek @Unsplash

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